Padi / Palay / ကောက်စိုက်


Some of us grew up in homes surrounded by paddy fields, and have memories of planting together with family and community. Coming across rice plants growing in Singapore—and potted ones at that—was a first for most of us. Growing rice in Singapore has become more common in recent years only, but rice plants might have always had a place in pockets of the garden city.

Ince:  I have padi! I try to plant in pot, see how if can grow. I kept some old stalks from last time I saw growing in an overhead bridge ledge. Padi was growing there with those gardener fertiliser for plants. I told my omma "heyyy I found rice growing" and she was excited, "sure or not?" I said yes, so I waited for it to be yellow and I harvested some. But some already pulled out by gardener. I wanted to send home but forgot to put into the box... I want my mom to grow and multiply it. This rice not very tall, it's the short dwarf kind.

This was before covid, 2017 or 2018. Rice can keep but not sure can germinate or not, that's why I try to plant into the pot, see how...


Ince is from Waingapu, Sumba Timur, Indonesia.

(from left) 

Wild padi in overhead bridge ledge

Singapore, 20/04/2018

Panen padi gessss

(Harvest time!)

Singapore, 06/12/2021

Photos by Ince

The potted rice seedling (not grass) in our Home was transplanted into our Kampung Garden from a Sprouts Hub giveaway. Its holding pot was a door gift from the Indian Heritage Centre, during our visit to its Pongal festival Open House. In that event, new memories were also made together with rice (props).

Transplanted padi thriving in our Kampung Garden  

Singapore, 14/02/2022

Photo by Ince


Colouring activity during our Pongal Day-Off at the Indian Heritage Centre

Singapore, 17/01/2021


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