Kelapa / Niyog / အုန်းသီ


Sprouted coconut fruits

(from left)

Singapore, 03/03/2021

Photo by Rekha

Singapore, 18/01/2022

Photo by Ince


Coconut palms commonly grow across our homes, in the wild and in plantations too. Some of us have memories of helping out in coconut plantations, to harvest and process the fruits and sap into products like sugar and wine.


In Singapore, some of us have taken care of coconut saplings from time to time as well, sprouted from fruits washed up along beaches and market produce left to store. These are repotted and given new homes, just for fun.

Ince:  Keep too long in the storeroom they grow up so tall... Soon can see big tree in the house. Grow coconut see how!


Ince is from Waingapu, Sumba Timur, Indonesia.

At the time of our Home's making, no one in the community was growing coconuts (although some like Saroja were growing other houseplants in homemade coconut pots). The potted coconut sapling in our Home belongs to Michelle (Urban Jungle Folks). In her open garden, it had more room to grow. Here, we held several community engagements together.

Rekha:  My maam ordered 8pcs coconut from Indian shop for making coconut laddu (sweet), then left 2 coconut. Then I packed inside the plastic bag and keep 2 months, now it's growing nicely!


Rekha is from Darjeeling, India.

Repotted coconut fruit from East Coast beach clean-up with SayurSisters

Singapore, 16/08/2020

Photo by Liza


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