Pisang / Saging / ငှက်ေပျာသီး

Saroja's Banana (Before)

Repotted banana pup from our Kampung Garden 

(from left: Before & After)

Singapore, 25/09/2021

Photos by Saroja

Saroja's Banana (After)

Many of us grow banana trees in our homes. In Singapore, some of us without land have tried growing them in pots. These are harder to fruit, but produce leaves anyway for wrapping and serving food.


The potted banana pup in our Home is from our Kampung Garden. It was one of the first plants we "grew" at our plot, inherited from the previous owner. Our pup can be identified by the permanent marker that we stick into its pot for labelling our plants.

(In the banner photo, it was temporarily moved to the construction site barricade to get a white background to photograph it against.)

Inherited banana pups in our Kampung Garden

(In photo: our Home and Saroja's adopted siblings)

Singapore, 16/05/2021


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