Bambu / Kawayan / ဝါး

Bamboos commonly grow around our homes. With stems of different thickness, they are used for building various household items and furniture. The varieties of bamboo that we are familiar with are not grown in pots or vases, unlike the lucky bamboo plants that more of us grow commonly in Singapore (in fact, not bamboo at all).

Liza: Our house where I grew up was made of bamboo. Most of our furniture is made of wood and bamboo. Our backyard is full of bamboo. My father is a carpenter, so he always use bamboo to build the house. That’s why every time I see bamboo, I remember home. Even if I get the chance to build my house with concrete, I will still choose bamboo furniture. Simple table and chairs I can do because my father taught me.

Liza is from Oton, Iloilo, Philippines.


Lucky bamboos

(from left: old ones, new ones)

Singapore, 05/02/2021

Singapore, 20/01/2022

Photos by Saroja

Louise:  Man Wei, do you have a close up high res photo of the plant circled in blue from Wall 1? I suspect that it might be a Dracaena plant rather than a bamboo...

The so called 'lucky bamboo' is not actually a bamboo. [After receiving picture of plant for verification] Yup this is not bamboo...


Louise is from the Centre for Ethnobotany, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Bamboo is the only plant in our Home that is not visually represented in a potted form grown by a community member or partner. We brought canopies from bamboo clusters around our Kampung Garden into our Home instead.

Bamboo in the Ethnobotany Garden

Singapore, 03/10/2021

Photo by Liza

Bamboo around our Kampung Garden

Singapore, 2021


Made with Bamboo

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