Hello! We are the people who made this Home together.

Get to know us (the Home Team) and members of the community who contributed to the project!

Our Home: Made with Plants is defined by the people and memories that surround it. Memories of spending time with family and community often involve gathering around plants, with plants at the centre of activities—of growing, eating, and playing together; this is how we make a Home together.

Making the centrepiece for our Home Singapore, 30/1/2022

Photo by Lily

(from left: Man Wei, Liza, Tarmiati, Cai Ni)

Home Team

(from photo left)

Hanisha Marni Astuti (Lily)


Yap Cai Ni 


Liza Elupre Sale (Liza)


Leong Man Wei 


Nam Nei Tham Na (Themboi)


Mince Djara Lodu (Ince)



(and back to Liza!)

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-30 at 5.30_edited

Co-Own Meeting Table 1
Singapore, 30/01/2022
Photo by Lily 

Co-Own Meeting Table 2
Singapore, 20/03/2022

Special Thanks

Aleithia Low

Chloe Tan

Elizabeth Heng

Laura Miotto

Moe Yin Zaw


Sarah Huang Benjamin

Urban Jungle Folks

Community Contributors

(spot yourself in the photos!)

Brenda B Martin

Dwi Lestari

Jonavie Gallo 

Kim Lhing

Maimunah Subagio

Maricel Lorilla Medes


Saroja Rai

Siti Mujiati

Tarmiati Binti Tenger

Uswatun Hasanah

Beyond the Home team leading the exhibition, many other community members gave their generous support and assistance for this project. We thank these individuals and groups, as well as those who do not wish to be named. To all members of the Kampung SayurStory Facebook group, thank you for growing our initiative from the beginning.

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In this co-creation project, we engaged community members from diverse backgrounds and homes across Southeast Asia—and meaningfully so according to individual interests and capacities. 

Prior to the project’s formal beginning, most participants had already been engaged in SayurStory’s activities for some time, joining nature walks and various community-growing initiatives centred around plants. New participants had been invited by their peers, who orientated them to the nature of engagements and co-facilitated to address barriers in cross-cultural communication. 

All of us come from diverse backgrounds, bringing our own unique experiences and histories from the different times and places we grew up in. Most of us come from homes across different regions of three main countries: Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar.